• McQueens is all about great experiences. We’ve taken the traditional, Francis-Baylissclassic barber shop, the kind of place you remember from your childhood, and given it a contemporary twist.

    Step through our door and the warm sandalwood scents, the sound of buzzing clippers, clack of sharp metal and the vibrant bubble of chat will be very familiar. McQueens is everything you’d expect from a timeless barber shop - using the finest products, we offer classic haircuts encompassing the latest techniques and styles led by Francis Bayliss, your dedicated barber.

    Trained at The College of West Anglia, Francis is an experienced barber who understands the needs of the modern gent. Offering both a walk in and appointment service, Francis provides a full barbering experience to meet your every need. So whether it’s a wash, cut & dry, clipper cut, colour treatments or beard care, you can be assured you are in the best of hands. 

    Why McQueens? There is only one name when it comes to effortless cool and endless style. An iconic name that is the very definition of class and quality. For us, it conjures up images of the adrenaline-filled thrills and spills, the classic 24 Hours of Le Mans and Porsche 917s and Ferrari 912s. Most of all though, McQueens is a name that says true original.

    McQueens isn’t just another barber shop. It’s a bold, new venture that offers men who care about their appearance the opportunity to take time out and unwind while they enjoy all that we have to offer. It’s an experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating, one that will leave you feeling as good as you look.

    The history of the barber shop is a rich one. In days gone by your barber would also undertake minor surgical procedures, such as blood letting and tooth removal. While they no longer carry out such procedures, thankfully, the idea that their shops should do more for today’s gents than just cut hair is one that we wholeheartedly embrace at McQueens.

    McQueens - for men who care about their appearance.

    Call 01953 603614 to pre-book your appointment. Open Tuesday-Friday: 9.00-Late; Saturday 9.00-5.30; Sunday & Monday: Closed.